Posted 2017-07-16
A Parent's Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness

Are you the proud parent of a college student? If so, chancesare you might also be the owner of an overwhelming parent plus loan. While youare surely happy for your child, you don't want to repay their educationexpenses forever, right? Luckily, there are seve... (read more)

Posted 2017-07-08
E-Hired 1 year collaboration with MedCerts yields Amazing Results
E-Hired collaborates with MedCerts to match and deliver over 5.7 million open job opportunities to their students in only 12 Months.

MedCerts is a distance learning initiative to provide self-paced, user-friendly multimedia, simulations, and more importantly, mentored learning assistance from expert instructors and certification professionals. MedCerts'... (read more)

Posted 2017-07-07
The Incredible Advantages of Attending Trade School for Culinary Arts

Deciding on a career can be ultimately stressful, and attimes, hopeless. However, the biggest obstacle most students face is choosingbetween a four-year university, or a vocational education, also known as tradeschools. More and more students, both that are fresh out of high school orthose whom have taken time off to go back to school have chosen trade schoolsfor their educ... (read more)

Posted 2017-06-30
Virginia College Students Receive over 57,000 Open Job Opportunities

From June 1, 2017 to June 28, 2017 Virginia College in Pensacola, FL, a subsidiary of Education Corporation of America, students have received over 57,000 open job opportunities matched to their program of study with