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Secondary institutions, including high schools and county-based technical vocational schools are often required to track and report graduate job placement outcomes annually. On average, over 30% or roughly 1.2 million high school seniors do not attend college after graduation. Out of those 1.2 million young people approximately 19.5% are unable to secure employment and are exponentially more susceptible to general challenges such as substance abuse and encounters with law enforcement. Nationally accredited was designed and developed to bring transparency to the graduate job search process so schools can effectively measure job search activity and provide career support year-round to students at risk. Academic institutions can see where and how often students are applying to employment opportunities which are generated by EHired's proprietary software. Key features include:

  • Daily employment opportunities tracked and archived for each high school student.
  • All job search activity available in report format for teachers and guidance counselors.
  • Program-aligned employment opportunities delivered to student and graduate profiles daily.
  • Leads generated in conjunction with students' skills, talents and credentials.
  • All student users are generated a school-specific employment profile searchable by employers nationwide.
  • Point and click Resume Builder produces error-free grammar, spelling and formatting documents for every student user.
  • Stakeholders, including teachers and guidance counselors, receive real-time notifications of all job search activity including jobs viewed, applications engaged, and resume modifications as well as notification of employer correspondences.
  • Free, nationwide employer job posting platform.
  • Minimal implementation time on cloud-based, Software as a Service platform, with direct student information upload capability, requiring no reliance on student self-registration.
  • Able to fully integrate with existing Employer Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms.

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