Posted 2019-11-04

E-Hired Seeking Regional Accreditation in 2020

E-Hired Seeking Regional Accreditation in 2020


E-Hired is proud to announce that it has been awarded candidacy status by the prestigious United States Department of Education accrediting organization Middle States Association of College and School Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Education.


“The Combination of Education, Career Services, Technology and Data that Work”



In a letter dated October 31, 2019, E-Hired President Frank Whelan received official notification from Middle States Association, President Lisa Marie McCauley Ed.D., CPA that E-Hired was invited to challenge for institutional accreditation with MSA.   Starting immediately E-Hired will begin the self-study phase of the accreditation journey with a goal of hosting an onsite MSA visiting team in the fall of 2020.


As the premier regional United States Department of Education recognized accrediting agency representing thousands of the finest most significant schools and educational organizations in the United States for over 125 years and serving institutions in over 112 countries worldwide, Middle States Association is the gold standard for quality, integrity and student advocacy in education.  E-Hired is excited and honored at the prospect of being recognized and meeting the exacting standards required for recognition by Middle States Association.


Through the self-study process of accreditation E-Hired is committed and looking forward to working with students, administrators and stakeholders to receive honest feedback and informed  guidance that will enlighten us as an organization and provide us with the necessary insight to successfully meet the exacting standards set forth by Middle States Association. With the goal of achieving full accreditation status in 2020 with Middle States, E-Hired will be uniquely positioned in the academic world as the only student dedicated employment job board in the United States recognized and meeting the standards of a USDOE accrediting organization. 


Once fully accredited, current E-Hired partner colleges, universities, trade schools, and educational and employment providers will be assured that E-Hired has met the very highest standards set in academia and will be able to support your student employment and educational goals at high and exacting levels. 

Additionally, schools and organizations looking to add services for their students, administrators and stakeholders will be able to do so with confidence, knowing that E-Hired is the only career service and employment support tool software meeting the rigors and exacting standards of regional accreditation in the world.


E-Hired provides services to over 600  campus institutions and organizations including colleges, universities, vocational schools, government agencies, non-profits and veterans organizations in all 50 states these services include:

  • Value added stackable credentials.
  • Daily employment opportunities/ job leads to students, specific to their credentials, skills, and location.
  • Automatic student resume development in conjunction with the United States Department of Labor Onet-Online Data base.
  • Automatic notification of student activity and employment.
  • Compliance reports showing all student career and job-related activities with potential employers.




E-Hired Mission Statement


E-Hired is dedicated to providing multi-faceted career development support along with stackable educational credentials to students, graduates and job seekers through strategic industry networking and proprietary platforms.


E-Hired is committed to delivering our career development support and educational service through an intuitive user interface easily accessible to employment professionals and end users.


E-Hired will develop and innovate our services through continuous feedback from educational professionals, students, job seekers and industry stakeholders.


E-Hired’s objective for students, graduates and job seekers is to have access to all the tools necessary to successfully meet their education and career goals.


“The Combination of Education, Career Services, Technology and Data that Work”



Anyone seeking additional information regarding E-Hired and our services as we begin the process of completing our self-study, please contact E-Hired President Frank Whelan at



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