Posted 2017-06-01

May School Jobs Reports, a web-based service company used by certificate and degree granting institutions of higher learning, proudly announced today that over 10 million job opportunities were sent to over 50,000 E-Hired members in the month of May.

Headquartered in New Jersey, E-Hired delivered job opportunities to over 50,000 members from all 50 states in the month of May, matching the student's degree or certificate and skillset to open job opportunities.

E-Hired allows member schools to use the latest geo-mapping technology to target student job opportunities to within 25 miles of the student's home zip code, with the option of adding up to four additional zip codes anywhere in the United States. Additionally, E-Hired school members utilize the services of E-Hired to drive admissions, assist with student retention, and support gainful employment and WIOA compliance efforts through E-Hired's unique job opportunity support tracking systems with customizable reports by student and program. Using E-Hired proprietary features, a school has the ability to receive instant notification when any of their students investigates a job opportunity, or when an employer reaches out to a student regarding employment. E-Hired school member students receive a custom student profile highlighting qualifications, availability, degree or certification earned, resume (traditional or video). This profile is fully compatible with social media formats for superior student networking opportunities (including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Employers can search student profiles easily and contact the student directly.

E-Hired is a designated preferred business partner with the prestigious Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, a United States Department of Education recognized regional accrediting organization.

Features available to E-Hired member schools, their students, and career service department include:

  • An online employment profile highlighting each student's skills, talents, and training, with built-in functionality for an optional 30-second video demonstrating distinctive talents.
  • Daily job opportunities exactly matched to each student's skills and talents, located with 25 miles of their home emailed to them within 24 hours of being posted online. (8-10 jobs a day approximately 240-300 jobs a month).
  • Instant real-time email notifications to member schools when a student pursues any job emailed to them.
  • Instant real-time email notifications to member schools when an employer reaches out to a student.
  • Automated WIOA compliance reports emailed directly to federal regulators and auditors on behalf of each member school.
  • Reports showing all jobs sent to any student.
  • Job Widget for member school websites, showing real time jobs available to students.
  • Free job postings on E-Hired for employers affiliated with member schools.
  • A free downloadable Mobile App for students.
  • Secure analytics control panel. is eager to help schools reach out to students and graduates to assist with their career service's needs. E-Hired acknowledges the list of growing member schools, colleges and universities that recognize E-Hired as an important tool to assist in their Career Services efforts and recognizes the importance of successful student placement upon graduation.

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