Posted 2017-06-30

Virginia College Students Receive over 57,000 Open Job Opportunities

From June 1, 2017 to June 28, 2017 Virginia College in Pensacola, FL, a subsidiary of Education Corporation of America, students have received over 57,000 open job opportunities matched to their program of study with E-Hired each student at Virginia College has received 8 to 10 job leads every day exactly aligned with their program, credentials and skills learned at Virginia College. E-Hired is honored to provide the students of Virginia College with open job opportunities matched and delivered over 16 million job leads to students from all 50 states in the month of May. All student job leads were located within 25 miles of the student's home. E-Hired provides students of member schools utilizing our support services daily open job leads and opportunities until they are working in their field of study.

Additional services and advantages provided to institutions utilizing E-Hired include:

  • E-Hired will find open positions and job leads based on SOC codes, the program each student is enrolled or graduated from, and by where the student lives. And then send these jobs to every student associated with your organization 7 days a week to their email and their phone.
  • E-Hired will record every job sent to every student and keep a running total of every job and record if the student opened the job leads email and record any jobs the student engaged
  • E-Hired will automatically notify your school or individual career service department personnel every time a student engages a job sent to them from your school.
  • E-Hired will automatically notify your school or individual career service department personnel every time a student is contacted by an employer.
  • E-Hired will provide all your students with an automated customizable professional online employment profile.
  • E-Hired will allow your students to have jobs matched and presented to them from up to five United States Cities.
  • E-Hired provides your staff and students with access to the EZ-Resume builder.
  • E-Hired provides your staff with the ability to instant message students to their phone via the E-Hired mobile application.
  • E-Hired Provides your students with a mobile application for both Android and Apple platforms.
  • E-Hired provides you with the ability to offer to your key or preferred employers free job postings on E-Hired.
  • E-Hired group actions allow you to communicate via email or mobile instant messaging to all students in your data base.
  • E-Hired provides unlimited live webinar based training for all campuses and staff.
  • E-Hired provides all software and campus set up.
  • E-Hired provides telephone and email support Monday Friday 7AM 7PM EDT with a 1 hour call back window if live support is not available.Weekends and Holidays E-Hired provides email support 7AM 7PM EDT with a 4 hour call back if live support is not available.

For more information on how can assist your schools career service efforts, please contact Frank Whelan, CEO at (856) 232-4677 or email at

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