Posted 2017-12-30

Students at Coleman University Receive OVER 16,000 Job Opportunities in 2017

Coleman University, in conjunction with E-Hired.Com, provided students with over 16,000 open job opportunities matched to their program & credentials.

For 2017, Coleman University students received daily job opportunities matched to their program through the Department of Labor SOC Code system in their email as well as on their smart phone via the E-Hired job mapping application.  Of the +/- 16,777 job opportunities provided to Coleman University students in 2017 the statistics by program are approximately:

  • Business students received a total of 120 job leads
  • Cyber Security students received 5,544 job leads
  • Game Development students received 2,520 job leads
  • Information System/ Software students received 6,389 job leads
  • Design students received 2,208 job leads

Coleman University is a private non-profit teaching university founded in 1963 and located in San Diego, California. Its undergraduate and graduate programs prepare individuals for technology-focused careers and leadership. As San Diego’s oldest school dedicated to information technology, Coleman University has historically educated a large number of the region’s business-technology professionals.

The University's motto "Dreams into Reality" is a testament to Coleman's dedication to ensuring that each student is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to build the future of their dreams. Specializing in programs such as: Software Development, Cybersecurity, and Game Development, Coleman strives to provide students a top rate educational experience, while offering a supportive, friendly, and encouraging learning environment. Coleman's knowledgeable and supportive administrative staff and faculty further enhances one's learning process and make attending Coleman a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Committed to enhancing the life of its students, Coleman University aspires to maintain academic excellence and professional greatness.

E-Hired provides career service and student placement support, as well as DOL integrated automated resumes to over 300 campuses and institutions in the United States including; 2 – 4 year public and private colleges & universities, vocational training providers, as well as various state and federal government agencies.   Institutions utilizing E-Hired can see an up to 5% increase in student placement within its first 8 weeks of E-Hired provided job opportunities being delivered to students and an up to 22% increase in student placement over a 12-month period.

Institutions wishing to have E-Hired job opportunities provided to their students can contact E-Hired President/CEO Frank Whelan directly at



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