Posted 2018-09-10

Prospective Atterbury Job Corp Students Receive Career Counseling and Information at Old Kings Orcha

Old Kings Orchard Community Center in Decatur, Illinois is helping local teens and young adults get information and get connected with Atterbury Job Corp.  For over a year the community center has been organizing monthly orientation meetings to teach participants about employment training options as well as job hunting skills. Atterbury Job Corp sends an admissions counselor to each meeting to work with the students. The community center assists prospective students in filling out their paperwork and choosing which vocational path most interests them.


The success of these meetings is already apparent. Bea Hall, an Old King Orchard board member, was quoted in the Herald and Review in September of 2018 saying “One girl got her GED and her CNA (certified nursing assistant) certificate.”


“If they are having trouble in the community, it gets them out for a fresh start,” she continued.


On top of providing vocational training for over 100 careers, Atterbury Job Corp also conducts classes in workplace etiquette and social skills. Atterbury Job Corp hosts a wide array of activities for students, such as access to clubs and organizations.


Atterbury Job Corp is partnered with E-Hired to bring job reports directly to their students via email or to the E-Hired mobile app.


In the past month, 340 Atterbury Job Corp students received 16,665 job leads. An example is certified nursing assistant students alone were sent 2123 total employment opportunities during August 2018.


The Job Corps program was created during the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964 as part of Johnson’s War on Poverty and Great Society initiatives that sought to expand economic and social opportunities for Americans, especially minorities and the poor. Job Corps is one of the oldest social programs in the federal government today. A product of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, the Job Corps was first set up by Sargent Shriver, a member of the Kennedy family who ran many of Johnson’s social programs. Shriver modeled the Job Corps on the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s, which provided room, board, and employment to thousands of unemployed people.

E-Hired provides career service and student placement support, as well as DOL integrated automated resumes to over 300 campuses and institutions including; 2 – 4 year public and private colleges & universities, vocational training providers, as well as various state and federal government agencies.  Institutions utilizing E-Hired can see an up to 5% increase in student placement within its first 8 weeks of E-Hired provided job opportunities being provided to their students and an up to 22% increase in student placement over a 12-month period.

Institutions wishing to have E-Hired job opportunities provided to their students can contact E-Hired President/CEO Frank Whelan directly at

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